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Family Law Matters Handled With Expertise

We are the team you want in your corner, whether in a sensitive mediation session or complex litigation.

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At Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation, we understand that family law is not just legally complicated, but it involves emotions. Family law issues can influence every aspect of your life, from your financial future to your relationship with your children. If these issues arise in your life, you need someone you can rely on by your side. We are trusted family lawyers in Orleans who will employ our breadth of experience in your case. We can represent and counsel you on all family law matters, from divorce, child custody, child support and more. On top of that, our team can take care of all issues regarding estates and wills. Our family lawyers in Orleans are equipped to handle alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

We pride ourselves in representing our client's and their children's best interest and handling disputes outside of court. However, we can provide spirited representation if going to court is inevitable. We invite you to speak to our family lawyer in Orleans today.

About Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation

Established in 1995, Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation provides legal services for clients across Greater Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our firm focuses on family law, and wills and estates. We are known for our high ethical standards, quality of service, and good value.

We are also known for our compassion. Our lawyers understand that unresolved legal issues create stress. It is for this reason that we offer a broad spectrum of legal and alternative dispute resolution services to assist you in managing your legal affairs.

Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation will ensure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each service and whether it suits the particulars of your case. We will provide you with a tailor-made approach.

Whether you are going through a family breakdown, buying or selling a home, or planning your estate, you can rely on Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation to give you the advice you need to make fully informed decisions. We will provide you with clear advice throughout the process.

Practice Areas

We can provide legal assistance for a broad range of areas, including:

Family law : As experienced family lawyers in New Orleans, we can handle various legal situations arising from familial discords. We can take care of all of the legalities around child support, divorce, property division, child protection and more.

Wills and estate : Matters regarding wills and estate management can be challenging to handle by yourself. We have the experience to provide you with the legal support you require to secure your assets and the financial future of your loved ones.

Mediation services : Our clients wish to settle familial disputes out of court in most cases. We have the mediation experience and skills to resolve your family matters in collaboration with the other party and represent your rights.

How we help

Our broad spectrum of services includes:


  • Initial legal consultations to assist you in understanding the issues

  • Negotiations with the other parties, including collaborative law practice

  • The provision of mediation/arbitration services

  • All aspects of litigation in family law matters, including appeal

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Our lawyers have experience in working with many clients and know how important it is to deal with each case diligently. Each client may have unique aspects in their case. Our lawyers will carefully plan on how to approach each case with strategic legal solutions.


We invite you to contact our family lawyers in Orleans today.

Arbitration Services

Arbitration Services

We can settle your dispute out of court with our mediation services.

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Minimize Emotional Stress

Hiring a family lawyer will help not increase but rather decrease those challenges.

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Set Your Affairs in Order

Thinking about mortality is vital to protect you and your family's future.

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