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Experienced Family Law Specialists in Orleans and East Ottawa

Your family is one of the essential things in your life, which is why family legal matters can be so challenging to deal with. To ensure your rights are protected in such situations, it is often a good idea to seek a family law lawyer's help. Operating across Greater Ottawa and surrounding areas, Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation takes a personalized approach to family law. You’ll receive advice and representation to meet your specific needs, whether you’re undergoing a divorce, seeking spousal support or trying to adopt a child. Our experience and compassion will help us ensure your needs are met.



Finding the Best Legal Alternatives

The family lawyers at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation have years of experience in providing clients with the best possible legal remedies depending upon their case's merits. Having to deal with legal issues can be traumatizing and harassing. We are committed to helping you fight your legal battle in a way as stress-free as possible. After carrying out an objective evaluation of the situation, our family lawyers provide you with suitable legal solutions to help your life return to normalcy as soon as possible. Call us today to speak to schedule an appointment with our experienced family lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa.


Our Family Law Lawyers Offer Many Services in Orleans and East Ottawa

When working with our family law lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa, you want someone who takes the time to understand your situation. Our team has years of experience in a myriad of legal matters, including:

  • Divorce: If you and your spouse agree to a divorce, you can apply with a joint application, but if only one of you wants a divorce, you can apply alone. To get a divorce, your relationship must meet certain conditions, such as being legally married.

  • Spousal support: When you and your partner separate or divorce, you may be entitled to spousal support or have to pay spousal support. This payment is designed to recognize each partner’s contributions to the relationship and even out financial matters to the partner who, for example, gave up a career to raise children.

  • Property division: Married couples usually share the value of their property if they separate or divorce, which means that the partner with more property usually pays money to the partner with less. In most situations, the property itself is not physically divided.

  • Decision making responsibility: Decision making responsibility is the legal right to make significant decisions about and how to care for your children; it is not about with whom your children live or how much time they spend with you.

  • Child support: To ensure your children are being equally financially supported by both parents even after a divorce or separation, often child support is required to be paid by the parent who spends less time caring for the children.

Our family law lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa, can help you further understand these situations and ensure your rights are protected. Our family law lawyers will handle your case with integrity and care. We care about you and your family and strive to represent your best interests throughout the process. We also provide mediation services to settle disputes outside of the court.


What Is the Difference Between Separation & Divorce?


Although there is no strict statutory definition of separation, married or common-law spouses are considered to have been separated when at least one has decided that the relationship has ended and there is no reconciliation scope. Here it is not necessary that both spouses have to be willing to end the relationship. It is also unnecessary for the spouse willing to end the relationship to inform the other spouse about their feelings. 


On the other hand, a divorce necessitates the passing of a court order dissolving the marriage. In most cases, issues arising out of aspects such as parenting, property and financial support are resolved by spouses before obtaining a Divorce Order. At Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation, our legal associates can also provide you with alternative dispute resolution modes. Contact us for any questions regarding family law in Orleans and East Ottawa.


Every Matter Is Unique

As family disputes can become a messy legal territory to operate in, trust the professionals to help you navigate it in Orleans and East Ottawa.

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