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Reliable Wills and Estates Lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa

No matter your age, planning for the future is always a prudent thing to do. And, while it’s not something we want to focus on, your will and estate need to be planned out well before you pass away. The compassionate lawyers at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation have years of experience writing wills and planning estates. We can help you determine to whom you want your assets to go, as well as what will happen to your estate.

When you need help with wills and estate matters in Orleans and East Ottawa, the lawyers at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation understand how complicated this process is. We will work with you to ensure your family and property are taken care of after you’re gone.

Compassionate Will Lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa

We understand that legal documents and wills can seem complicated to a layperson and thus our team is committed to guiding you at every step of the way. We provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the various essentials of a will and its recitals' implications. Our legal team helps you make an informed decision regarding your estate. Through our guided process, you can draft your will quickly and without any delays. Call us to get in touch with our wills and estate lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Why Hire Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation?

There is no doubt that estate planning is essential for all citizens. We can help you plan and safeguard your future and the future and well-being of your family. We can help you generate a customized will to secure your interests after considering your specific wishes for funeral, burial and transfer of your estate. We also assist you in making an informed decision regarding managing your finances if you become incapable. In the case of incapability, you can also entrust your health care decisions to another person. 

Helping You Create a Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney can help you choose a person who will manage the various aspects of your assets in case you ever become incapable of doing so yourself. A Power of Attorney is an essential legal document that can go a long way in securing your future interests. Therefore, the knowledgeable team at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation takes a detailed approach to help you understand this document's intricacies.

Helping You Write Your Will in Orleans and East Ottawa

Your will is a legal document that states your final wishes for your property, debts and other assets. It contains simple instructions to tell the court to whom your assets will go after you die. You will also need to detail who your executor is, the person who ensures your will is carried out.

Without a will in place at the time of your death, your assets will be dispersed at the whim of the local government, which may not align with your actual wishes. You can bequeath your goods to particular family and friends, but a properly drawn out will should have provisions in place for underage or disabled beneficiaries as well. Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation can help you ensure all necessary provisions are in place.

Guiding You Through Estate Planning

While you may think of those with estates to be an exclusive group, almost everyone has an estate. Your estate is made up of everything you own, including your:


  • Cars

  • Home

  • Bank accounts

  • Investments

  • Furniture

  • Life insurance

  • Personal possessions

Estate planning is the process of determining what happens to these things when you pass away. On a basic level, estate planning entails planning in advance and naming whom you want to receive your possessions. Still, it also involves naming guardians and inheritance for minor children, providing for your business’s transfer at your retirement and much more.


Helping You with Our Dedicated Services in Orleans and East Ottawa

Our legal team continually strives to help you secure your interests as well as the future of your family. Over the years of serving clients across Ottawa, we have gained considerable experience in providing sound legal opinions pertaining to your specific legal issues. Our broad clientele across Ottawa and the surrounding areas is a resounding testimony to our efficient services. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request any additional information regarding wills and estate in Orleans and East Ottawa.

Will and Estate Lawyers in Orleans and East Ottawa

We can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance and advice.

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